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Global Community


Supporting those in need

Ever New evolved from a small Melbourne start-up in 2006 to a global fashion retailer by 2013. Today, as a large company, we are passionate about supporting communities in developing nations. Together with our exciting not-for-profit partners One Sky and Save the Children, we are involved in a number of projects each year.


Source: Image courtesy of One Sky



We are proud supporters of One Sky Australia, who undertake development projects for orphaned children in China - in partnership with the global OneSky network.

One Sky Australia also work with local and national government partners with the shared goal of improving standards of care for all institutionalised children in China. One of the keystrategies is providing world-class, quality training – One Sky’s proven training programs and methods - to every orphanage child care worker across China.

From 2017, we are a major supporter of One Sky Australia in this nationwide training effort, impacting thousands of orphaned children through OneSky’s National Caregiver Training project.

We are also pleased to support One Sky Australia’s fundraising efforts here in Australia, including their major annual events in Melbourne and Sydney, internal creative fundraising and by sharing their story with our networks.

One Sky


Source: Image courtesy of Save the Children



We are proud supporters of Save the Children, a not-for-profit organisation that responds to global humanitarian crisis caused by conflicts and natural disaster, and concentrates on improving the lives of children around the world including Australia.

Forever New has donated to the work of Save the Children in Nepal following the devastating earthquakes on April 2015, and their work in the Philippines after Typhoon Haiyan in November 2013.

We look forward to our continued support of Save the Children in 2018.

Find out more about Save the Children via their website: